Dark Shadows

7:37 AM

First, I didn't plan watch this movie. I planned to watch The Avenger with my little sisters, but... this movie catch me in the eye after seeing Johnny Deep and Tim Burton in it.
So, the mistake is there were children watching this movie, I guess this is not a good movie for children. There are many adult scenes in this movie, I don't think it's inappropriate for children.

I like the color of this movie. You know, the color combination in every scene in this movie is beautiful. The story, Tim Burton as always, is about ghost, mystique creature and twisted story but still interesting and easy to follow. Most important is, it is not easy to be guessed how it will end.

My oh my, Johnny Deep always makes me say "aaahh.." in every character that he played. He can be a wise vampire after playing a loony pirates.
And Tim Burton.... Owwwwwwhhhh... I adore your movie.

Johnny Deep + Tim Burton + Helen Bonham Carter = Lunatic movie, great scenes, rare story

Oh ya, I think in here Johnny Deep kiss many actress than other movies he was played at.
Whatever it is, I like this movie.

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