Tattoo.. Just a Matter of Label

8:07 AM

Please take a look at this pic..

What about this one?

Spot the difference?

Adam Levine, Chef Juna, or Robbie Williams look very awesome having that tattoo attached to their body. But why when we see a burglar, punk boy or any other people that represent a bad thing, the tattoo look scary. 

Well, we see that tattoo is just a mattered of label. So does everything that we have in this world. We can say people with tattoo is cool or scary it depends on our perception to that men. We can say that people who has luxurious thing is a snob or just annoyed people who brags about their wealth. It can be true or not, because our comment is based on our perception and how people around us building that perception.

We can say, here in Indonesia, tattoo is identically with bad person. I used to think that before I open my mind wider. Now I know that people with tattoo doesn't always mean bad. They make tattoo with many reasons. Reason which is makes sense for me, from my point of view. Well I think why most people think people with tattoo is bad it is because in TV we usually being taught that a villain is a scary person with many tattoos whole of their body. 

So my suggestion is, open your mind, open your eyes. Do not judge people by your perception. Don't let others define your perception about something. Trust your heart, because actually we are all same as a human, we have good and bad side.

**tulisan ini kepiki gara-gara tadi ngurus STNK ilang dan liat tahanan di polsek. AllahuAkbar rasanya serem abis, gatau kenapa. Padahal biasa aja kalo liat di film. Tapi waktu liat langsung, iiihhh.... mereka kayak ga punya tujuan hidup. I know I shouldn't discriminate them, tapi rasa itu muncul tiba-tiba.  

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