A Chocolate War: Hershey's and M&M

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Two biggest company in chocolate world are well known as Hershey's and M&M sounds familiar in our life. We easily find these chocolates at supermarket near our house. The story behind these two giant companies is quite amazing. But that's now what I want to discuss right now. I want to discuss how these companies build their enterprise and still stand until now.

1. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): this business concept already began by Milton Hershey when he start their factory. He's first purpose to start this factory is to build a magical town where people can live and work there. So beside building a chocolate factory he also built a school to accommodate orphan children, they live and study there for free. Although this is not a formally a CSR act in his factory, but the concept of CSR already started by Milton Hershey .

2. "Cooperative" with Competitor: competitor doesn't mean enemy. Hershey's and M&M prove this is the way to hold our competitor. At the first time, Hershey's supply the raw material (the chocolate) to M&M since the best chocolate product is from Hershey's.

3. Marketing Advertising: Back at time, advertising product in mass media is not a common thing, but M&M did it! On that time TV is one of the popular mass media that people can afford in America so M&M make a cartoon for children about M&M chocolate.

4. Research and Development: Before a super well known Hershey's Chocolate, Milton Hershey did his research for almost 10 years to make a delicious chocolate. But the research is not stop there, another big invention in chocolate world is these two factories can invent chocolate which is not melting in hot temperature.

5. Be Different: Although M&M was born from Hershey, but they still want to be different. If Hershey produce a bar nickle of chocolate then the M&M produce a chocolate layered with colorful candy. Also another chocolate producer, Godiva, make chocolate as a luxurious thing to consume.

Quality. That's the best kind of advertising in this world
Milton Hershey 

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