Note to self

6:08 AM

Dear heart...,

Don't get jealous easily every time you see your friend is more successful than you.
You know, every person in this world has their own destiny and fortune. Maybe your friend is now the turn, but in the future is your turn. You have to wait until your turn is come.

While you are waiting your number, you should prepare everything from now. There is no such a waste thing. Everything that you do have its own lesson that it's priceless to learn. You have to look up and down when it comes to upgrading yourself.

Look up.. So you can see that there are million people better than you. Mean that you have to learn harder, broader your mind, study harder and try harder on everything. You know the Secret theory right? When you want something, you want it really bad, so then the universe will serve it to you directly. All you have to do is call them with prayer and effort.

Look down.. so you know that you must be grateful with everything you have right now. Not everybody can be like you. Family, friends, boyfriends.. They all love you, no matter what. By looking down means that you have to remember that you have to help others. Sharing your knowledge to others will not make you more stupid but it can enrich your mind.

Listen to your heart, but takes your brain with you.

Count on God in every situation of your life. Because Allah is everything. Allah in you. Allah can make anything happen, you should pray in punctual time anyway.

hey cha.. please read me when you drunk, when you down, when you sad and whenever when you feel so bad about yourself.


your conscious and angelic's mind
kiss from Allah :*

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